Modern Man – Picking Up Women the Modern Man Way

Maybe your father tried to teach you the tricks of the trade on how he got a lot of dates back when he was your age. You have to remember times are different and women are definitely different than they were when your father was dating. Your dad may have met women at the local soda shop where the gang hung out after college. Maybe your father hung out some nights at a local bar for a drink after work and socialized with women.

You can still meet women at restaurants and bars but it can be a lot more work when picking up women. A lot of women are tougher to get because of the career roles women now have in the workforce. Many women can support themselves and they can choose to be pickier with the man they want. In order to get the woman you want, you need to know the modern man techniques casa are now used.

Picking up women is a true art form. Confidentially walk into a lounge and sit down. When you sit down, look around the room and check out all of the people. Focus on each woman and make eye contact with her. When she looks back at you keep looking at her. Do not break eye contact; she has to be the one to break it. You can give her a little friendly smile and nod your head to acknowledge her.

If she looks down and starts to play with her hair, bite her lip, subconsciously point to her face or fix her clothing, she is attracted to you. All of these behaviors are built in women from ages ago. When she does exhibit one of these behaviors, stand up and keep your eye contact with her when she looks back at you and walk over to her. This is picking up women the modern man way.

The things you did correctly started out by walking into a place with confidence. No matter where you go, no matter where you are, always have confidence.

The next step you did correct in picking up women the modern man way was to evaluate the room you were in. You had the chance to read what women think of you, in other words, if they are attracted to you. This makes it much easier to know which woman/women to walk up to and start a conversation with. With confidence you will attract more women than you had before if you did not show this type of behavior in your body language.

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