Terri Terri Others Organization Architecture Assessment

Organization Architecture Assessment

A dynamic organization, produced from a various variety of specialist organizations, a new long background of excellent teaching, learning and analysis, and begun within the technical and trade education of the late 19th Centuries. The University experienced special arrangements exceeding 80 universities in addition to colleges in above 25 countries.

It had approximately thirty, 500 students, a few, 240 staff, and an annual proceeds around �132. your five million. Over typically the period of ten years or so, this had garnered is actually business value choices to it’s pupils and staff using various supporting IT systems. It acquired internally led to a disparate range of data data sources ranging across: Access, MS Exceed, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, etc.

Business Needs

Some of the key business problems that the University was facing included:

� Need to be able to rapidly provide fresh business capabilities in order to faculties and students with quality information

� To calculate whether light beer getting together with industry standards and processes described

� Scale up current investment done in Programs and Systems

� Implement SOA and enterprise service tour bus to help provide management vision

� Automate integration/ interfaces and help reduce manual dependencies

� Identify the distance between current buildings and desired answer

� Balance people, processes, technology in order to design the correct structure

� Identify architectural and process chance to maximize the current IT investment.


The assessment involves an analysis in the underlying business individuals and objectives and even overall context associated with business need that is established for the client’s enterprise extensive solution. When enterprise needs are actually defined, the assessment process examines the method to capturing company requirements, their completeness, the priorities in the requirements, and position of the technique and deliverables in order to the needs.

The team conducted if you are a00 assessment of the particular existing client structure, management and operations. The scope associated with this was to determine:

Current Enterprise buildings implemented by client and key parts of architecture.
Assist translate strategic enterprise goals to THIS goals, post to be able to interviewing various stakeholders
Review existing architecture and process workflows depending on industry best practices
Examine application/ data management policies and treatments
Recommendation of high-level buildings & technique to support information requires
Aid identify data top quality issues & advice on improving data quality from the files travel route
Functional interchange of data throughout business area limitations
Identify areas of enhancement recommendations for short and long-term targets
Cost/value improvement opportunities
Approach for Evaluation:

The team met business, subject make a difference experts also it teams to get much better comprehension of various demands that enterprise plus IT had.

Typically the understanding indicated that will client needed to concentrate on standardizing typically the enterprise wide processes around enterprise structure, data management, information governance, and SOA. This assessment offered client with the clear roadmap with regard to defining comprehensive organization architecture on their behalf plus to build robust architecture scalable for the future growth.

Organizational and Process Assessment: Company Assessment includes the examination of the existing organizational composition and identification involving the roles and even responsibilities of the two IT and the particular business community that need to end up being addressed.

Business plus Application Assessment: Business Needs Assessment includes an analysis with the underlying business motorists and objectives and even overall context of business need which was established for the data management.

Software Architecture Assessment: Venture architecture assessment involves an analysis of business processes, logical data structures, their very own feasibility, completeness, documentation, and fit to business requirements.

Tech Architecture Assessment: Technical Architecture Assessment appearance at current organization architecture and looks at various business crucial Application implementations. Technical architecture assessment attempts to identify just about any technical risks or perhaps constraints with respect to performance, upkeep, scalability, data distribution, disaster recovery, and even sizing.
Positive aspects

Some sort of unique business case based on the particular prospect’s own insight, numbers, and predicted impact.
Reveal record based on organization value assessment.
Determine your current IT activities, capabilities and current services.
Target on aligning enterprise objectives.
Reduce TCO of IT purchase.
Consolidating well defined business functions in to services.
Capture facts about the mission, functions, and business foundation in an clear manner to showcase better planning and even decision making.
Improve communication among typically the business organizations and THAT organizations in the venture through a standardised process.
Improved administration planning, both proper and tactical in addition to reduced associated hazards.
Will help emphasize concerns and restrictions that threaten administration goals.
Focus upon the strategic use of emerging technology to better control the Enterprise data and consistently put in those technologies directly into the enterprise.
Assist to clarify the way the current Enterprise structure contributes supports customer’s goals. An examination will investigate each what is functioning and what is not.
May help identify in which re-architecting can reduce company costs, improve enterprise functionality or procedures and improve IT efficiency.
Assesses the particular performance, reliability, management, and scalability regarding the Enterprise structure environment to enhance data management.
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