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Today due to prevailing environmental threats, you are unable to play freely on the ground or in the stadium. Earlier, you leisurely played games outdoors such as football, cricket, kabaddi, baseball, basketball, etc. But you can play these games online also. You probably love to play cricket on the playground with your friends or relatives. You can play cricket online and learn bowling and batting techniques. You can also learn some winning techniques. The beginners can easily understand the rules of the game and even play efficiently. You can open various sites of fantasy cricket play online and learn to play cricket. You can also win several prizes online.

Playing cricket game

It is a game played between two teams, consisting of 11 players in each team. This game is played with a ball and a bat.  The batsmen should score runs and the bowlers should try to catch the ball. The batsmen can score 2 runs, 4 runs or 6 runs if they strike the ball forcefully in the field. They are dismissed from the game for various reasons:

  1. Bowlers catching the ball
  2. Run out
  3. LBW
  4. Clean bowled etc

Similarly, the bowlers should prevent the batsmen from scoring runs. It is an interesting game but the players should properly understand the rules of the game.

Playing cricket online

You can play this game online using various modern features and technologies. You can create an account online and check the score of every match played by you. The fantasy cricket play online game consists of 11 players. The game consists of 3 to 6 batsmen, 3 to 6 bowlers, 1 to 4 all rounders, and 1 to 4 wicket-keepers. You are allocated gems and so you should manage a squad of 11 players with the gems provided to you.  You should create squad of 11 players in each team.

If the batsmen score 4 or 6 runs, they are awarded points. You can choose T20, T10, one-day or test series. If the batsmen give duck, then they are allocated minus points. For every 30 runs, 50 runs and 100 runs they are provided points.

You should choose the best players who have scored higher points in the past. Before choosing a squad of players, you can view their scoring pattern.

To select the best players, you should view various points such as batting, bowling, strike rate, bowling, fielding, economy rate etc. So, you can also download the fantasy cricket play online to know about the latest updates of online cricket.

How the players can win prizes?

The players can use their knowledge to win prizes along with assured bonuses and cash backs. You should follow some simple steps to play the game. You should create an account and select a match such as T10, T20, test series or one-day international. Then, using virtual budget of gems, you can create a squad of 22 players. In this game, you can choose captain and vice-captain also. The winning captain gets 2 X points, whereas the vice-captain gets 1.5 X points. The players automatically play the game online and start earning points. Then, at the end of the match, the winners are declared. If you download ipl fantasy league app apk, you can play several matches and win attractive prizes.  

Selecting a batsmen

To create a squad of batsmen, you should view the previous scores of each batsman. So, you can decide to choose captain and vice-captain also. You should choose an opener from each team. So, you should cleverly select players who can contribute to the team’s performance.  Some batsmen are expert bowlers also and hence such players can help the team to score better points. From each team, you should select 3rd batsmen. The remaining players are all-rounders and bowlers. Before selecting batsmen, you should also view the pitch.

Selecting a bowler

To select a bowler, you should view the previous records of the players. From each team, you should choose two bowlers and one-death bowler from the team. You should also select the best spinner from each team. The team also consists of a part-time bowler with better economic rate but this bowler cannot take wickets.

Selecting an all-rounder

Then, you should also select an all-rounder in the game who is an expert bowler and batsman. You should select overall two all-rounder and one of them should be a captain or a vice-captain. Overall you should select 2 to 4 all-rounders. Hence, you should select 1 or 2 all-rounders from each team.

Selection of a wicket-keeper

A wicket keeper is a good batsmen and a keeper. You can choose the best wicket keeper after viewing his bowling score and his art of wicket-keeping. This game consists of 1 to 4 wicket keepers.

Choosing a captain and a vice-captain

You should select a captain and a vice-captain wisely. The captain or the vice-captain should be an all-rounder. As they can contribute to bowling and batting both, the team can get higher points. You should not select a bowler as a captain. But you can select the best bowler as captain if he possesses the skills of batting.  If the batsmen have scored higher points in the previous match, then he may not play again.

Winning attractive offers and prizes

You can avail attractive schemes such as discount, etc if you join ipl fantasy league. You can download ipl fantasy league app apk to play fantasy cricket online and win attractive prizes. Also, you can join various contests and games to win attractive prizes. If you download software, then you can receive the latest updates to avail maximum benefits. But you should follow the rules and conditions of every game. If you want to join leader board, then you should pay registration fees. You can avail attractive offers and win many prizes if you join leader board.

You can also play other games such as kabbadi, football, squash, baseball, and handball and win attractive prizes.

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