The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Single Dating Sites

If you’ve been trying to find a date online for a while now, I’m sure you know about single dating sites, and that both free and paid versions exist.

If you’re thinking, “why should I pay to use a single dating site if I could do the same on a free one?”, then allow me to take you through the top 3 reasons cuckold dating¬†free single dating sites are a waste of your time, and why the phrase “If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys” is so real when it comes to online dating.

The Presence of Non-serious Daters and Scammers

This has to be the biggest reason why you should avoid free single dating sites, because it can make you so frustrated that you might give up on online dating altogether.

Anyone can register on free dating sites, and you’ll find non-serious, bored and under aged people who register out of curiosity or for the fun of it. What’s more, there will be scammers and con artists waiting to prey on unsuspecting singles.

So if you’re a serious single who wants to find a suitable date, imagine how frustrating it’ll be if you had to browse through millions of profiles to find a date without the full assurance that the other party is even serious or a fake.

Paid single dating sites on the other hand have dedicated staff that keep the sites running because they collect subscription fees from members. So you can expect them to filter out scammers and fakes. What’s more, non-serious daters won’t be present because they won’t pay to be there in the first place.

That means you can browse through the profiles on paid sites with the peace of mind knowing that everyone there is serious about finding a date and won’t be wasting your time.

The Real Purpose of Many Free Single Dating Sites

Sites need hosting to keep them running, which requires money. So if free single dating sites don’t require you to pay a fee, how else can they keep their sites running except via advertising?

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