What to Consider When Buying Jogging Stroller.

When you shop for a jogging stroller, you may want to look for the following features:

  1. Safety Certification.

Before you purchase a stroller, make sure it is certified by a recognized institution such as the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) based on the strict standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Strollers that are JPMA-certified are built with optimum durability and safety in mind, and these products have passed intensive safety tests.

  1. Pneumatic or Air-Filled Tires.

You should opt for strollers with three pneumatic tires that ensure the smoothest ride possible. However, make it a point to check the tire pressure on a regular basis and inflate the tires when necessary.

  1. Durable 5-Point Harness.

As with a regular harness in baby car seats, the jogging stroller should come with a 5-point harness that goes over your child’s shoulders, hips, and in between the legs. This feature can keep your baby secure while reducing potential injuries in the event of a crash. You also have a best tandem stroller for Infant and toddler.

  1. Safety Strap or Tether.

The safety strap found on one end is connected to the back part of the stroller while the other one includes a loop that you can wear around the waist. The tether works by preventing the stroller from simply rolling away as you jog. With this feature, you can save the life of your child in case you trip with traffic as you run outdoors.

  1. Parking Brake.

You must make it a point to engage the parking brake whenever you need to park the stroller to prevent it from rolling downhill. Moreover, you need to double-check the brake since it must be fully-engaged to keep the jogging stroller in place.

  1. Wide Canopy.

This feature protects your child from various elements such as the heat of the sun, strong wind, rain and frost. So, when you shop for a good stroller, make sure it has a large canopy that can be positioned in a number of ways. This is a very important component in strollers, particularly when you are jogging in the evening before sunset or early in the morning.

  1. Storage Basket.

This is another good feature that good quality strollers have. The storage basket is used storing items that you and your baby will need when you are outdoors. It also serves as the lowest center of gravity that can keep the stroller from tipping over. Instead of putting the diaper bag or your purse on the handlebar, place these things in the basket to prevent the stroller from being tippy and unstable.

  1. Folding Mechanism.

An excellent stroller must come with a good folding mechanism that adds to the convenience of storing it when not in use. Although the wheels may be taken off and placed back on, a jogging stroller can take up more trunk space than regular small-wheeled strollers.

  1. Cup Holders and Trays.

A cup holder and tray can serve as an additional place to put small items that will add to your convenience as you take your morning or evening jog. These cup holders may be a bit shallow such as 2 inches deep.


These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind as you shop for the right stroller for your child. Consider these top 5 brands and key features you should look for in the best jogging stroller, so you can find the perfect product that suits your needs and standards.

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